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Objectives and goals The objective is to create a logo for a new brand identity. The brand is called 'Let's Go Shopping', an initiative by a major Australian retailer. About 'Let's Go Shopping' 'Let's Go Shopping' is a program conducted by a large retail chain with the purpose of collecting consumer feedback about their brands, services and products. Customers will be invited to go on a 'typical' shopping trip to their local store where they will be escorted by a senior company representative who will monitor the consumer's behaviour, ask questions and record their experience. The company's research division will then gather and analyse consumer insights in order to improve their products and services. Customers will be asked to nominate a preferred division of the brand they typically shop at. The types of divisions include: Supermarkets & Premium Grocery Retailers Discount Department Stores Liquor Stores Gas / Petrol Stations Home Improvement Stores Target Audience The audience consists of both staff members and consumers. The company is looking to gather insights from a broad cross section of consumer types. The target audience ‘consumer’ member can be described as a 'routine shopper'. A 'routine shopper' is a person who is required to shop at least once a week out of necessity. The target audience are shoppers who value: Convenience Value Quality Affordability Inspiration ...they may also be: Male or female Aged between 18-70 Single or married Employed or unemployed People shopping on behalf of others (family)
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