Collision of Rhythm

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Collision of Rhythm is a journey of rhythmic exploration is a high-energy, joyful, comical fusion of sophisticated musical compositions sprinkled with spontaneously improvised creations. It is collaboration between various groups of high-end talent and top digital artists to create a new unique world of limitless ingenuity. The talent are multiple world-record holders and have been featured on television programs such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and America's Got Talent. The digital artists have worked on such features as Tron and Harry Potter. Collision of Rhythm has been described as Stomp meets Blue Man Group meets Cirque du Soleil. Plus its got its own unique twist! It's not just a performance; it's an interactive experience that leaves audiences in awe. Now what we need is a logo that embodies something fresh, hip, and modern. We prefer light and positive over dark and gothic, but appealing to adults as well as children. If there is any way to evoke expansiveness from our logo, that is our vision!
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