Website design for my Modular Development Company

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    Website design for my Modular Development Company
    Hi, I have a successful container development company in South Africa See attached website link below I have opened a company in Kenya, basically a branch off from this company, which does modular developments using shipping containers and modular steel to construct housing, hotels, coffee shops, storage units etc. You can also see some of our work on our instagram page @wolfpack_developments @wolfpackea This new company, called African Development Enterprises, works on larger scale operations, like project work. I would like a webpage for the new company that incorporates and easy fresh look at construction and building. Company Name: A.D.P African Development Enterprises Limited PLEASE NOTE: This is not WOLFPACK, same company but different name in a different region more focused on larger developments
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    Alistair van Rooyen2 months ago
    Please do reach out to me if you have any questions
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    Alistair van Rooyen2 months ago
    I also have strategic partners that compliment this business If we could have a section that shows this, or maybe at the bottom of the landing page or something like that just using their logos its 3 companies
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