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Buyers, Sellers, Investors, etc,
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    Logo Name
    The Omni Team
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    Buyers, Sellers, Investors, etc,
    Omni Realty Partners is my logo, however, I would like to keep the style of "Omni" but need to adjust the style of the works to be "The Omni Team." In doing so, the logo to the bottom of the attached flyer should reflect that Berkshire Hathaway United Properties a little large than the Omni logo. Omni is a team of BHHS-United Properties. When someone sees the logo, it should being able to decipher than Omni is a team of BHHS. The color scheme should remain the same. :-)
    Copy of Blue Yellow Modern Luxury Real Estate Flyer.pdf
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    Kody Higginbotham4 months ago
    Additional Note for Clarification: Please put "Berkshire Hathaway United Properties" to the top and "The Omni Team" toward the bottom. I would like to compare the style with BHHS-United Properties being larger in contrast that the team name.
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