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    We have an established logo, however we've come to feel that it is too monotone and boring. It currently consisted of a bowl type fluid swoosh design, with 2 chopsticks sticking through it. Think of a geisha girl meets ramen bowl/soy dish with chopsticks stuck in it. Will upload if possible. We like the chopsticks as a universal symbol of what we serve, but are hoping to also maybe feature other items such as sushi, ramen, noodles or knifes etc.. Mainly we want this new logo to be bold and colorful as our current logo is either single color or at best 2 tone, 3 with tweaking. We want to expand out from our basic black and white to a bold colorful shirt and advertisement options. %100 committed to service and satisfaction.


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    Michael Hromada4 months ago
    current logo
    Kawa logo-1 - Copy.png
    brewerscoloswithbaseball - Copy.png
    KAWAbuckscolorsprime - Copy.png
    KAWACLEAR LOGO ONLY largerletters.png
    KAWACLEAR LOGO ONLY in gray.png
    kawalogoblakcwhiteyellowlong(7) - Copy.png
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    Michael Hromada4 months ago
    We like what we've seen so far. We're looking to try and incorporate sushi into the logo somehow more.. We've been doing %100 staff or %100chef etc on the front of our current shirts, with the logo big and bold on the back, and are open to designs that incorporate the current logo, and ones that are completely new especially if they manage to incorperate a sushi theme more so than just the ramen as we want people to remember we're more then ramen. The name in the new logo should infact just be: KAWA
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