Minimalist Leadership for Maximum Results

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6 days ago
I own a coaching business for small business owners (The Emovation Project). These are people who are EXCELLENT at what they do. The BEST air conditioning installers, therapists, wellness centers, autobody shops, construction companies... they're THE BEST. They don't struggle with demand. Their struggles are ones you can't see from the outside very clearly. Their internal. The business owner who enjoyed quick growth and fast cash is now working more than they want, they're not making as much as they'd like, the business isn't growing as fast as they'd like, and their team isn't doing the things the way they'd like. Things were so much easier when they had a smaller team or NO team. Now they need help. I'm their help. I teach these business owners how to lead EFFECTIVELY with MINIMAL EFFORT to achieve MAXIMUM results for their business. My target clients are two groups: fathers who own businesses, ages 40-65, veterans of the armed forces, team of 10-50; mothers who own businesses, ages 35-60, team of 10-50