2022 St. Patrick's Classic Disc Golf Art

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Disc Golf Tournament Players
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    2022 St. Patrick's Classic Disc Golf Art
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    Disc Golf Tournament Players
    2022 St. Patrick's Classic Disc Golf Art Concepts are similar as previous years, oak trees, clovers, baskets, celtic, celtic knots, leprechauns, squirrels, color green. List of items needed in art: Disc Golf Related item - Disc, Basket, Etc. 2022 St. Patrick's Classic final 9 sports logo Small "OV" for the city course is at. Buried somewhere in art is fine. Can be stylized in. Disc golf tourney, or tournament Full color version can be super detailed. Black and white version a little more basic. Here is a link to past years Final 9 Sports Pro Shop | Disc golf Pro shop sales & Tournament https://final9sports.com/ Link for 1 color hot stamp art best practices Custom Hot-Stamp Guide - Innova Disc Golf (innovadiscs.com) https://www.innovadiscs.com/disc-golf-discs/custom/custom-hot-stamp-guide/ Custom Hot-Stamp Guide - Innova Disc Golf Hot-Stamp Format We want your design to jump off the disc as much as you do. A great hot-stamp design reflects...
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    Client669197 months ago
    The word Art should not be listed in the stamp. We like the Final 9 Logo in color. The hidden OV is a must
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