Hustle Hearted

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Retail street wear clothing brand.
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    Logo Name
    Hustle Hearted
    Company Intro
    Retail street wear clothing brand.
    I’m looking for someone to remix and recreate a logo similar to this. This is a old brands logo the logos CANNOT be IDENTICAL this is to give you a idea of what we’re look for. The brand is called hustle hearted be creative. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE LOGO SIMILAR PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE LOGO SIMILAR WE’RE LOOKING FOR A NEW HEART DESIGN OPEN TO ALL DESIGNS BE CREATIVE PLEASE. DO NOT MAKE THE logo similar. The brand is called hustle hearted. I would like a heart in the logo and designed graphics to enhance the over all look of the heart for example like how the flame and the dollar sign enhances the overlook of the heart I’m open to all concepts and designs. This is a clothing brand and the logo will be on clothes so I would like for the logo to stand out and be a attention grabber. Color is also required. This is a street wear brand so if any text is use it must be street text font please refer to the similar text are attached to the contest THE LOGO MUST BE A HEART DO NOT JUST SUBMIT A FONT YOU WILL NOT BE PICKED. HEART LOGO IS THE GOAL PLEASE REFER TO THE PICTURES. THE HEART AND DOLLAR SIGN CANNOT BE THE SAME THIS IS A REBRAND PLEASE BE CREATIVE.
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    By color uttam I mean like this
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