Aquavix Pools

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Homeowners who want a swimming pool in their backyard
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    Logo Name
    Aquavix Pools
    Company Intro
    Homeowners who want a swimming pool in their backyard
    THESE ARE VERY IMPORTANT GUIDELINES! 1. Logo should consist of a SYMBOL ON TOP OF THE NAME "AQUAVIX" in an attractive, modern clean, SANS SERIF font and the tagline "POOLS & SPAS" below the NAME in an ALL CAPS, SANS SERIF FONT. DO NOT WASTE TIME WITH SERIF FONTS or anything traditional or conservative. 2. Note that the logo will be used with or without the tagline "POOLS & SPAS", depending on the application -- so POOLS & SPAS should NOT be on the same line as the name Aquavix. 3. THIS NEEDS TO BE a CLEAN, MODERN LOGO -- nothing too busy or complicated. NOTHING OLD FASHIONED. MODERN, CLEAN and ELEGANT are the key attributes. 4. Primary color should be BLUE. Preferably two tones of LIGHT BLUE. Tagline may be blue or LIGHT GREY. No other colors please. 5. See attached ideas for the SYMBOL. It has to be something SIMPLE that looks the same when seen UPSIDE DOWN. It will be placed at the bottom of swimming pools.

    Reference Samples

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    Client54572a year ago
    If you're looking for ideas, here's a suggestion that you can adapt in many ways. Our symbol will be applied at the bottom of our pools using glass tiles like the one in the attached photo. One or two rows of tiles in one or two colors, 1x1 or 1x2 in proportion. So a logo with a symbol built the same way may be a good idea, as the one shown as an example only -- the concept can be applied to different symbols.
    2021-10-12 20.51.23.jpg
    2021-10-12 20.54.34.jpg
    2021-10-12 20.54.44.jpg
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    Client54572a year ago
    I will be starting selecting about 12-15 designs for a poll soon. I will not include variations of the same design -- that can be done later. To select candidates, I have to un-rate the designs that won't be participating in the poll. The contest will continue during and after the poll. If I want to bring an un-rated design back in to the contest, I will rate it again.
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    Client54572a year ago
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    Client54572a year ago
    MPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL PARTICIPANTS: I will make the final selection based on the SYMBOL, which is the most important and customized part of the logo. The font can be changed later. I may ask for a standardized font so that all symbols look similar except for the SYMBOL, which is the most important part.
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    Client54572a year ago
    The two finalists for the next phase have been selected based on feedback from about 30 people, both through the poll and offline. Thank you all for participating!
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