Values We Hold Dear

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Sell Americana Patriotic signs promoting American values. Target, patriotic Americans.
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  • Design Brief4 months ago
    Logo Name
    Values We Hold Dear
    Company Intro
    Sell Americana Patriotic signs promoting American values. Target, patriotic Americans.
    Shield with American flag. Bold Red, White and Blue colors. Dark background. Revolutionary War Minuteman and a feather quill pen. Latin words "Veritas", "Honor" "Defensore" included (translated into English it is Truth, Honor and Defense) Words "VALUES WE HOLD DEAR" included too.

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  • Design Concepts Completed4 months ago
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    KAS4 months ago
    I want it classy, dignified, clean, noble as well
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    KAS4 months ago
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    KAS4 months ago
    You all are doing amazing work. I've been blown away at your talent. As I have been thinking about the design I want to ensure a senses of unity, to include the many peoples who were and are key to the nation. So, I would like to stretch you further. I would like to incorporate designs that include, ePluribus Unum (without detracting or looking cluttered) elements like: Native Americans: Dream Catcher or Native American Flute Hawaii: Hawaiian Warrior or Hawaiian Turtle Filipino: The Sun on the Phillipine Flag Mexican American: Eagle Eating Snake on Cactus from The Flag of Mexico Mayflower or Independence hall Declaration of independence (a scroll or something) Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Vietnamese Symbols for Freedom Jewish Symbol (Torah or Star of David) Bertel Thorvaldsen Christus (or something close)
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  • K
    KAS4 months ago
    I would like to include something for African Americans too. The only thing I can think of is my personal favorite, Frederick Douglass, a silhouette of his bust, perhaps? No BLM or raised Fists as that is divisive and detracts from the spirit of unity I am trying to emphasize.
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    KAS4 months ago
    Symbol 3.jpg
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    Mayong Satriya is a true professional. Eye catching designs, a fantastic eye for detail, listens well and understands intent and directions. Amazing work. Thank you, Mayong Satriya.