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Hello 2BU (Holistic Life Coach and Mentoring) - If any of the secondary title may work in the logo design, please feel free to play around with that :) Target audience is varied, teenagers through to senior's. The business will be a life coaching and mentoring business (Holistic in this context is meaning: We can pull lots of elements together to create an individualised therapy session). This will target teenagers through to seniors. The business will include elements of personnel goal setting, strategies to meet goals, counselling, mentoring and each client will have their own say in the development of their own therapy session. At 2BU we believe that the client is the master of their own life and therefore should have a say in how their therapy should work for them so they get the most out of sessions. For example: I client may want some fitness incorporated in their session, meet at the beach, take a walk. We recognise that working one and one in an office will not suit everyone so we want to be flexible in our approach.