Concept Truck Design to be used on socials and prints

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    Concept Truck Design to be used on socials and prints
    I'm looking for someone who can do a concept sketch for a concept truck we will build and promote. Doesn't have to be a complete rendering. This is a concept to build. The build would be a hybrid of a 2019-2020 Silverado truck (regular cab. short bed) and integrate it with the Nascar Camping World truck. The concept won't have the roll cage like the Nascar truck , the concept truck will be street legal and will have several aftermarket items on it. It will be a shortbed truck as shown in the pictures. It will need to have an Extang bed cover, and aero race wheels. The exhaust should come out just in front of the rear tires on the right side only (like the exhaust shown on the attached late model picture). The truck will be setting on 22 inch Aero Race wheels that should be a chrome blue color. The truck should set low like a race truck and the wheels should tuck up into the fenders nicely. The truck color itself will be dodge challenger grey. Feel free to add some blue styling into the truck that will blend with the chrome blue wheels, a blend of red striping will also accent the truck. The red and blue shouldn't be overdone but compliment the styling. The main idea is to represent a race truck theme but a street legal modern truck. Think race theme with the design. The interior will be a race seat on both driver and passenger side. We will have the interior design sketch done after we finalize on the overall outside design. We have uploaded a couple of pictures to represent the overall idea. Would like to show truck on the printed flyers with a forward facing look like the ones attached and a passenger side view to showcase the exhaust exiting like the late model car..
    camping world truck.jpg
    extang bed cover.jpg
    aero wheel -blue pic 2.jpg
    late model exhaust.jpg
    dodge challenger grey.jpg


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