Social Economic Enterprises Foundation

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    Social Economic Enterprises Foundation
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    Social Economic Enterprises Foundation
    FaceBook Cover should clearly illustrate the benefits belonging to SEE FOUNDATION community. In the Logo the artist will see a human tree, this represents growth within the community. The artist will also see coloured hands holding each other. This represents Multicultural Diversity. The Facebook banner should consist of the same messages as does the example covers supplied. Ideally the Foundation Banner focal point should display a persuasive icon such as the main message which is Manage Your Business ideas with us. Colours and fonts are at the artists discretion. As well this, the artist will do well if they could use free style images as does (screenshot 2) to portray Multinational Cities Networking throughout the World. Cities should clearly include Kyiv, Lviv, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Oslo, Glasgow, Beijing, Sydney, Brisbane, Bankok, Changi The Facebook Cover and the Sticker should both contain the Foundations logo and website address

    Facebook cover

    Note: Based on the design concepts submitted, Contest holder will select 1 winning designer to complete ALL selected brand identities

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  • Thuwan Aslam Haris selected as finalist!a month ago
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  • Client Review for Thuwan Aslam Harisa month ago
    5 Stars
    A wonderful talented artist who worked very very hard on the brief. Brilliant to work with and very polite.