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WCFLO Vision Wright County Frontline Outreach (WCFLO) is NON-PROFIT Organization consisting of First Responders (Law Enforcement Officers, Fire/Rescue Personnel, Emergency Dispatchers, Corrections Officers and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers) within Wright County.  Our vision is to proactively engage with our communities through acts of kindness, charitable giving and offering a helping hand to individuals in a time of need.  This outreach is made possible by donors who share our vision.  Wright County First Responders are working on the frontline in the service of others, 24 hours a day & 7 days a week, and are often in a unique position to interact with and identify people in need.  We hope that these interactions will foster relationships with individuals who may otherwise harbor negative or unpleasant stigmas often associated with issues that precipitate our response. Simply said, we are not often called to interact with people under optimal circumstances or on their best day.  WCFLO is also committed to engaging with the youth in our communities and offering aid to those in need of food, shelter and transportation expenses.