EMBARK BC (Explore Dog-Friendly BC)

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A website for passionate dog owners to help find and explore activities, businesses, and events that are dog-friendly in the province of British Columbia.
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    EMBARK BC (Explore Dog-Friendly BC)
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    A website for passionate dog owners to help find and explore activities, businesses, and events that are dog-friendly in the province of British Columbia.
    Hey there! First off, thank you for taking the time and interest in this project. The name is EMBARK BC, a website/resource/community focusing on exploring dog-friendly options for both visitors and locals in and around British Columbia (BC is the abbreviation for the province). 
Not just outdoor adventures but restaurants, pubs, shopping, hotels, work, etc. We want to use the word EMBARK as a play on words to help specify it being a dog-friendly resource . What I mean is, I somehow want the word EMBARK to show it is "dog-related" by doing something creative with the "BARK" part of the word without taking away from the ability to read it as "EMBARK" at a glance. 

 I don’t want the action of “barking” but more of a subtle, clever dog reference in the word if that’s possible. “BC” should be "separated" from the word EMBARK. For example, even if BC is next to EMBARK, it could be in a different font/script, smaller...or underneath it, etc. But when you look at the logo, you still naturally read it as "EMBARK BC”. 

Hope that makes sense. TAGLINE: "Explore Dog-Friendly BC" If you can add the tagline in small, similar to the Urban logo I uploaded, that'd be awesome! Additionally, we have a black Labraheeler (looks like a small Black Labrador) that is the star of the personal side of our adventures and reviews, so we would like a silhouette of a basic black lab. I don’t want a detailed face or anything as it wouldn’t look like her. haha. 

 Finally, if we could also have a silhouette of the Vancouver city skyline with mountains in the back, that would be fantastic. We’re known for mountains and outdoor beauty so it feels like we need it. 
If you can get the skyline in, use the common one that includes the harbor centre lookout as it is recognizable as Vancouver landmark even in a one-color skyline vector (you’ll see if you search Vancouver city skyline on Google images or any stock photo site.).
If that’s too much, mountains would probably suffice. I'm looking for an "illustrative" logo that is all one piece (not separate elements like when text is completely separate from the graphic element). If there's a clean way to show the tagline mentioned above AND the .com within the logo (EmbarkBC.com) , that'd be a bonus. 

I know I’ve listed a lot of different elements and specifics here but the two logos I’ve attached are good examples of how I believe all of this can be achieved in one logo, especially with your creative talent. While I obviously don’t want to copy any logos, the Urban Wide Open one is close to what I would like to see except with the above differences (and the main EMBARK BC text being a bit more fun style with a “Bark”/dog reference element) 
The Muddy paws logo is great example of a black lab silhouette (actually looks like our dog :)) 

 This logo will be used on stickers, and other merch where details might be small, so "EMBARK BC" is pretty important to be clean/clear with at least subtle dog reference as alluded to above. Thank you again for taking the time to read this brief and thank you in advance for the work you do. It’s appreciated.

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