Worthington Design / Remodeling

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This is a home remodeling company
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    Worthington Design / Remodeling
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    This is a home remodeling company
    PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE BRIEF Our business is home remodeling (specifically design/build.) We target home owners who want to improve their home with project like a kitchen or bathroom remodel, or home additions, or outdoor spaces. Worthington can be in large text Design / Remodeling should be in smaller text. Please include a mark - an interesting shape that gets attention. Here is what we are trying to communicate: We win new business because prospects trust that we can deliver the best quality work and a consistent experience. We want to communicate a strong, established company that clients can trust, has high quality service, great communication, and consistency from start to finish. Colors: Please use dark red / dark gray as the color palette for the options. Things to avoid: No remodeling tools (hammers, nails, rulers, etc.) Don't do a literal roofline or house. You can hint at the shape of a home, but don't use a literal house shape.

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