Builders World

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3 months ago
Builders World supplies a range of quality laundry, kitchen & bathroom products, and accessories in Brisbane and the Gold Coast locations. We have been in the market for 8 years now but always heavily focused on tradies and the more lower end of the market. We are looking now to position ourselves more towards the mid-high end. Our current audience is more of builders and some construction with few customers coming into the store. Our goal is now to attract the end-user to our store/showroom, connect with designers, architects and more high-end builders and construction companies. We also aim to sell a lot more online. Our product range still cater from low - mid/high-end. We have a friendly and welcoming environment, our team is bubbly and helpful but not as contained and fashion as you would expect from a boutique store. So, we are looking for a way to present ourselves in a more professional, high-end and leader in the market without losing much of our identity, which is this friendly and problem solving approach. In terms of products, we sell products sourced from trusted brands, and also have our own products. The actual quality of our products is higher than the average of the products sold in the market but we are able to still have a competitive pricing, and this is our main point of difference.
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