Caledonia Recovery Homes LLC

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  • Design Brief3 months ago
    Design Name
    Caledonia Recovery Homes LLC
    Logo File
    Caledonia Recovery Homes LLC
    I like it professional and simple. Please try to make it appropriate with the logo in mind. Front of the card: Caledonia Recovery Homes LLC Curtis Eaton Founder (phone number to follow, put placeholder for now) [email protected] Back of the card: (please use logo and website)

    Business card
    Letterhead & envelope

    Note: Based on the design concepts submitted, Contest holder will select 1 winning designer to complete ALL selected brand identities

  • Design Concepts Completed3 months ago
  • Boomstudioz selected as finalist!3 months ago
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    Curtis Eaton3 months ago
    Thank you for submitting your designs. I actually like 44 and 43. Would you mind making option designs for the text to be white instead? I'm not sure if yellow would be readable once printed. Also, options to make the image on the logos to be flat like 42 and 40.
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    Curtis Eaton3 months ago
    Please replace the following info on the card with these: My position: Owner Number: 844-738-9848 I like all your revisions so far. Though for the back of the cards (information side) - I'd like to have the website url separated from the other details. Please refer to the sample attached. Thank you for all you do.
  • Design #142 by Boomstudioz is declared WINNER!3 months ago