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Foodnected is a project that aims to reduce the distance between producers and consumers, as well as informing both groups about the implications for the planet of the way they produce and consume food. Foodnected wants to connect people and nature around sustainable, local and fair food systems. The idea is to create a Community of Practice with small-scale producers who share the same interests, to coordinate and share approaches, improving skills and learn from each other’s experiences. It is an approach to learning that focuses on people and the social relationships and structures that allow them to learn together. By shortening the distance between producers and consumers and developing an ethical code of environmental and social values for the way food is produced and consumed, the project addresses shortcomings in the prevailing market system and reverse the unfair situation faced by small-scale producers. The target audiences are one side, small-scale producers (farmers and fishers) who would want to join such an initiative, and on the other side consumers.