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It is a book/ guide on how best to study the bible
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    It is a book/ guide on how best to study the bible
    I really want the TBSB to be the main thing but done creatively, simple, smart and original like summit, loungefit (lf) and Freedom ventures. What I definitely do not want is an additional icon outside of the letters. Like Summit, any creations have to incorporated into the letters. I also like the 3D look if possible (althea watch eg.) but that is not necessary. Color ideally maroonish red or like fire, or gold. White background. I am not sure if the Bs should look like books bc I personally did sketches and I just could not get it to look right. Other ideas .. the T to look like a cross. I have considered a book being incorporated. The above paragraph are all ideas I am throwing out but not rules so you can surprise me and I may select that. However, when I see what draws me I know what to focus and correct. I am not one to be all over the place.

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    Did you see my previous remarks not seeing it on my phone btt it I wrote it on my pc
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    Anyway last comment is I may or may not use the metal gleen so don’t create a package with it yet let me see the final look before you create the package, thanks
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