Coffee Label for our new flavored coffee line

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    Coffee Label for our new flavored coffee line
    Our company primarily offers fitness and focused based non-flavored coffee (hence the company name Fit & Focused Products). Our current label and photo of our "Fat Burning Coffee" are both attached. We are also coming out with a "Focus Coffee" with an identical label to pair with the Fat Burning Coffee, and these two items will be our primary products. Aside from these items, we have seen a lot of demand for flavored coffee. We would like to launch a separate product line based purely around flavored coffee. This will be called the Fit & Focused "Flavor Reserve" line. We envision that title written in elegant cursive somewhere on the label. Because this is a different product line, we would like to show a different style of label- while still maintaining some resemblance to our existing product brand. Basically, we want a creative twist from our existing label which will have less of a fitness look and more of a "flavored artisan coffee" look. This new label will be used for 3 different flavors (Hazelnut, Vanilla Nut, and Mocha). This means I will need to be able to interchange the line of text that describes the flavor. For the sake of this competition, please design a universal label which embodies flavored artisan coffees, but can have the flavor text interchangeable. These are the following facts to know regarding the label: 1. 100% Arabica Brazilian Roast Direct Trade Ground Coffee will be the base coffee used. 2. The coffee will be Kosher. 3. The label will be 4.5 inches tall and 4 inches wide and the bag will remain black as seen in the Fat Burning Coffee Image. 4. An ingredients line will be needed: "INGREDIENTS: 100% BRAZILIAN ARABICA COFFEE, N&A FLAVORING" 5. The words "Naturally & Artificially Flavored" must be beneath the main title. 6. The words "Distributed by Fit and Focused Products, LLC Charlotte, NC 28218" will be needed 7. Website is "" 8. Barcode attached. This will need to be included somewhere on the label as well. Lastly, we have attached concepts of layouts that we have found appealing. Please use them as inspiration for your designs. Please also incorporate the attached Fit and Focused logo file. NOTE: BACK LABEL IS NOT NEEDED FOR THIS PRODUCT - ONLY FRONT. NOTE: THIS COFFEE IS NOT A FAT BURNING COFFEE. THIS IS PURELY A FLAVORED COFFEE AND NOTHING ELSE
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