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    Brand Name: Miral Coffee Need packaging design (POSM) for a new coffee shop: Required Designs: 1- Cold Plastic Cups (Iced Coffee ) 2- Hot Paper Cups (Hot Coffee ) 3- Paper Bag (medium size) 4- Croissant Bag (small size ) 5- 2 cup & 4 cup holder design 6- Plastic Straw (paper packaging) 7- Sugar Sachet (white sugar and brown sugar) 8- Tissue Napkin (square size) 9- Coffee bean bag (500gm design) 10- Children cold and hot cups small size with children design -- Design Guidelines: 1- For iced coffee cup (plastic see through same as Starbucks cups) with only the dear logo on one side and the name on the other side (see attachment) 2- For hot coffee cups (paper cup, brown paper cup option, with different options for ladies and men and other creative ideas) 3- for medium paper bags needs to be craft with logo on the bottom right corner angle
    Bluebottle cup.jpg
    Cold Cup Coffee Option.jpg
    pink option for ladies cups.jpg
    coffee bag 500g.jpg
    black and white option.jpg
    paper bag.jpg
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    Osama9 months ago
    This is our logo as open file and PNG
    Miral Logo.png
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    Osama9 months ago
    Coffee Shop-03.jpg
    Coffee Shop-04-01.jpg
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    Osama9 months ago
    The colour and branding of the logo should be in this colour and not in black
    Coffee Shop_-07.png
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