Coach Natalie Rudd

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A spiritual growth and personal development coaching firm.
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  • Design Brief2 months ago
    Logo Name
    Coach Natalie Rudd
    Company Intro
    A spiritual growth and personal development coaching firm.
    I would like a clean and classy logo style using a pretty font like the samples that I selected. I have uploaded an image of one that I really like. In addition, I need a primary, secondary and sub-mark logo. The sub-mark logo I would like the initials "NR." I also want an icon like a chrysanthemum or a butterfly silhouette. The logo should include the words: Coach Natalie Rudd The Original Wise Woman Strategist (please include the trademark symbol)

    Reference Samples

  • Design Concepts Completed2 months ago
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    Client611892 months ago
    Thank you for your flexibility with my requests. I would like to have a black image, white image in a jpeg, png, and vector formats.
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    Client611892 months ago
    And, are you flexible with the price for #167?
  • Design #163 by cintoko is declared WINNER!2 months ago
  • Client Review for cintoko2 months ago
    5 Stars
    Cintoko is an excellent graphic art designer! I had a great experience creating the final product that exceeded my expectations. I appreciate the timely responses and the flexibility in designing the final product. I highly recommend Cintoko and will work with again in the near future. Thank you 48 Hours Logo for making branding my business so easy!