Learn To Aim

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Firearm safety and tactics classes
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    Logo Name
    Learn To Aim
    Company Intro
    Firearm safety and tactics classes
    My old name was "MD Firearm Training Services". I thought the logo looked great, but found it hard to print or embroider without loosing it's "wow" factor. The old logo can be found on my new website: https://LearnToAim.com.

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    Client784229 months ago
    Hi everyone. Sorry for the relist. I was running out of time to get comments back to some people. The business is not about hunting or nature specifically. I am looking for a bold logo that's memorable, not too busy, but has meaning to it. It needs to be classy as well. My target market are people who want to learn how to shoot safely. It's about making novices feel comfortable and interested in taking the needed steps to advance their skillset... so large guns as the bulk of the logo isn't ideal. Might scare people off as being too "gun crazy".
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