Logo Designer Interview – Suraj_Greenweb

Featured Designer Layout_Suraj 2What would life be like if you were a logo designer living near the Himalayan Mountains? Suraj_Greenweb is living the dream! Find out how he gets in a creative mood, how he focuses on logo design, and which super power he would choose in this logo designer interview!

At the youthful age of twenty-five, Suraj Yadav finds himself a fresh newlywed! Married to his dear wife Poonam just last February, they currently reside in the small town of Kalka. Located in the state of Haryana, it is near a very popular city in India, Chandigarh. Chandigarh is famously known as “City Beautiful” for its lush greenery, cleanliness, and well planned architecture. Being a part of that community has helped Suraj to learn Hindi, English, and Punjabi.

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Tell us Suraj, how does where you live influence you as a designer?
There is plenty of clean air and noticeably less noise pollution. Having the beautiful Himalayan Mountains in my area really feels great.

Do you have any hobbies when you’re not designing?
I love watching comedy movies, action movies, as well as romantic movies. Plus listening to romantic and Bollywood songs.

Would you share with us some of your favorite things.
Going out with friends, watching TV programs with my family. Waking up late in the morning without any alarm, although that was not possible when i use to work for a private company. But now as a freelancer I can do it daily 🙂

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You’ve been offered one superpower that you pick, what would you choose?
I would like the superpower of flying like Superman. This way I could see all beautiful countries in the world without any ticket!

What is your favorite style of music? or favorite musical artist?
I like romantic songs. My favorite musical artist is Lenka Kripac. Her song “End of the World“, I can listen to that song all day long. I love all her romantic songs.

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What food items are in your house/refrigerator that you are most excited about?
Kheer (Indian Dish) which is a rice pudding and Rasgulla (Indian Dish), a syrupy dessert. I love sweet food items.

Where do you see yourself a year from now?
I would like to remain a Graphic designer and learn more in this field.

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How long have you been in the graphic design field?
It’s been at least four year now.

Do you find yourself drawn to any certain types of contests?
Not really. I give importance to the information in the Contest Brief and the business name. If I like it and understand it, only then will I participate.

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What is one of your favorite logo designs you have created through 48HL?
Some of my favorites are Angel Wings Hospice, The Kids Clubhouse, Capstone Home Repair, Inc., Rapid 3D Tech, The Write Content, Wind Dashboard, and Citrosoft. These are some of my favorite logo designs I have created at 48HL.

Do you have any go-to habits you practice to help you design?
Yeah, while designing I always like to listen to  music in low volume.

What goes through your mind when you begin to work on a logo?
I tend to focus on the information in the Contest Brief. Logo Design

What advice would you give to other designers trying to find success like you have?
Read the full brief. Understand it well and do some research of company’s business to get a good logo idea. After that start designing, without any hurry, until it looks best to you.

If you could speak to someone that’s about to start a contest, what advice would you give them?
Filling out a proper Contest Brief is the most important thing.


So what’s your story about whet life was like before joining 48hourslogo?
I was a Web designer in a private company in Chandigarh for two years. I found 48Hourslogo on google while searching for any good Graphic design contest website. I have been a designer with 48hourslogo for almost two years now.

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What has caused you to stick with 48hourslogo for this time?
There is a friendly environment, and I really enjoy the good user interface. I like the Designer Hall at 48hourslogo, where all designers can express themselves. Also, logo copying, clipart, and copyright issues are handled seriously here.

How has your life changed since joining 48HoursLogo?
48Hourslogo helped a lot in my freelance career. Now I can work according to my own schedule in my home environment.


“Excellent work. Great interaction and results. Very pleased with the process and the final product.” 

”Excellent work and excellent communication. The designer was always able to understand my ideas and needs, and then deliver new revisions in no time. The great results added to the kind communication made the experience pleasurable in every aspect. Thank you very much for your help”

“Was really great working with you. Very fast and quick to make amendments. Thank you so much for creating the logo I was after.” 

“Suraj is fast and professional. Very pleased with the quality and expediency of his work.”


If you would like to see more of Suraj_Greenweb’s work, or more customer feedback, there is plenty of it on his portfolio page!

Suraj, thank you for taking the time in this logo designer interview to speak with me about your life and background as a designer. At the rate you’ve been going I’m sure you’ll still be around designing a year from now! I’m looking forward to seeing what logos and designs you create next. I wish you and your new bride a blessed and joyful life together!