Logo Designer Interview – Hidro

Logo Designer Interview - Hidro

This logo designer interview is with Heru, better known as Hidro! Find out what unique degree he’s worked for, and what local world wonders inspire him!

What you likely wouldn’t know about Heru Nugroho is that he comes from a pharmaceutical background. At the young age of twenty-nine, he is married to the woman that he loves, Devi. The newlywed just got married last August 28. Heru, known to us as Hidro, grew up in a town called Magelang, in Central Java, Indonesia. It is in a rural area, but situated closely to the Borobudur Temple.

The beautiful Borobudur Temple at sunrise.
The beautiful Borobudur Temple at sunrise.


Hello Heru! So what is life like as a logo designer in Magelang?
I’ve lived in this town all my life. I love the city because it is quiet and peaceful. My hobbies include playing football and several other sports. I enjoy going to places I have never visited, especially beaches and mountains. Spending time out with my wife and friends, eating together and catching up with our respective activities is a lot of fun. It’s a surefire way for me to refresh my mind with positive thinking.

Let’s talk scenario – you get to pick one superpower, what would you choose?
I would think something like Superman, because I would get to travel around the world with ease, and without the cost of expense haha!

What kind of short term goals to you have for yourself, what do you expect a year from now?
I want to keep being a designer and develop my knowledge in order to become the world’s top designer! But that’s like a dream for me for now.

ChargeApp Logo Design by Hidro

Would you give us a quick peek as to something exciting in your refrigerator right now?
Yogurt is a drink that I’ve always got in there! I drink it everyday because it makes us healthy and is always uplifting.

Which situation do you fear more – an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse?
I am more afraid of my wife because if she’s angry, she’ll really blow up! haha, just joking, I really lover her 🙂

Tell us the story of how you ended up as a graphic designer.
At first, I was very interested in the world of graphic design. My parents work in the health field, so they wanted me to go to school for Pharmaceutical Sciences. As I did that, I still a desire to work in the design field. So I taught myself while I was still in Pharmaceutical Sciences. After I graduated from college, my parents allowed me to choose between the world of graphic design, and the world of pharmacy. I decided to follow my preference, working in graphic design. So that’s the story of how I became a designer.

Wooden Wealth Logo Design by Hidro


What can you tell us about your background in graphic design?
I have taught myself about design, have almost three years experience. I really like the artistic style of the Borobudur Temple where I’m from. In my opinion, very few people could make a temple such a work of art today.

Can you name for us your top three fonts?
Trajan Pro, Bitshumisi, and Gotham. Those three cover categories of classic, elegant, simple, powerful, masculine, and too neat.

What kind of logo contests are your favorite?
I love the contests that lead to typographic designs.

Bricks & Barrels Logo Design by Hidro

Do you have any favorite designs among the ones you’ve created through 48hourslogo?
Yes! Some of my favorites are ChargeApp, Bricks and Barrels, Pink Pumps, and Briteart.

Are there any habits you have that get you into the designing mood?
Yeah sure, I love to listen to the local radio when I begin designing. I like rock music such as alternative styles. Dreamtheater, also like the Script Andothers. I like to read and understand the contest brief, then think of the concept with a quiet mind. Finally I’m careful to make the design as well as possible.

Would you like to give any advice to any new designers out there?
The best thing is to understand how important the contest brief is. That will help you make the concept on the right target. One more important thing is to never give up, keep trying and trying.

PinkPumps Logo Design by Hidro


So how did you find 48hourslogo? and where were you in your life at that time?
I was a student at a university in the city of Magelang. A pharmaceutical major. I came across 48hourslogo through Google. I was just searching on a whim for websites to design with.

How long ago was that?
It’s been almost two full years.

BriteArt Logo Design by Hidro

What would you say makes this website so special?
It’s special because of the fast payment transfers – less than forty-eight hours until the money is in PayPal. It’s a great feeling know how fast it can transfer.

How has your life changed since joining up with us?
It has helped out very much in my career as a freelancer. Most importantly, making my families life better.

What is one improvement you would like to see at 48hourslogo?
Probably a lot more new contests and higher prized contests! 🙂

BizShare Logo Design by Hidro


Hidro adheres to your request and detail. He pays great attention to what YOU want in your logo design, he works well beyond what you expect and delivers exceptionally. He is an amazing designer. A special Thank you to you Hidro for creating my Versatile Crochet logo.

Your work is impeccable. Your patience is to be admired. Thank you for openly and effectively collaborating with me and creating a logo that transcended what I thought I wanted and creating a logo that communicates our business spirit.

Hidro was amazing! He went well above expectations to ensure we were 100% satisfied with our logo. Very much appreciate his efforts. Job well done!

Hidro was a pleasure to work with. From the beginning his design stood out and he worked with me constantly to revise and update until it was perfect. I would definitely recommend Hidro to anyone looking for an excellent and creative designer.


Hidro Logo Designer Interview Wife & Family

If you like what you see, you can always invite Hidro to your next contest! Or check out more of his logo designs on his Portfolio Page.