Does your business need a personal touch? Take a look over these 27 handwritten fonts – you’ll find many creative options that will personalize your logo!


Signature type of logos are perfect for adding a personal touch to the look of your business! Maybe you’re hands-on in your approach. Perhaps your customers work directly with you. Sometimes your clients get to work one-on-one with representative within your business. Whatever the case, show off that close relationship by using handwritten fonts in your logo design!

The problem lies in finding a balance in readability. The typography needs to be stylized. It shouldn’t necessarily look like it was typed out through a computer program. On the other hand, you don’t want to go full “doctor’s handwriting” (stereo-typically long and scribbly). How big is the line between enough character and too much?

That’s why I’ve made this list. As my professional recommendation of some handwritten fonts that fall within a readable-with-character range. Plus they’re free. All 100% free for commercial use. And as always, I’ve successfully downloaded and installed all examples below without incident. You should be able to too.

Some famous handwritten logos that you should recognize would be Ford, Disney, Kellog’s, and Olive Garden’s new logo. Highly stylized, handwritten logos are becoming increasingly popular in 2015. While it would be great to have your personal signature as a logo, not everyone’s handwriting is has the character for it. Having a designer create a handwritten logo is an option too, but the skill it takes to do so varies from designer to designer. The benefit of using a font is that it’s repeatable throughout your branding.

Being personal is not isolated to any particular industry, there are a wide variety of businesses that could use handwritten fonts. Here is a list of businesses that I would recommend use handwritten fonts:

  • Authors
  • Photographers
  • Caterers
  • Personal Trainers
  • Wedding Planners
  • Florists
  • Salons

Of course there are many others possibilities, don’t let this list limit you. You could be breaking tradition in your industry, or attempting a different angle. As long as you’re going for a personal touch, handwritten fonts will do it for you.


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