Free Power Fonts Cover ImageAre you looking for fonts that exude power, strength, ant authority? We’ve got a collection of 20 fonts that aren’t only powerful, they’re 100% free for commercial use!

Do you need a font that commands authority? Do you want your logo design to be dynamic and strong? If your business is mighty, then we have the fonts for you! Below we’ve gathered a list of new and unique power fonts that will bring fortitude to your brand.

These power fonts will work well with athletic designs, masculine logos, and anything car related. Much of the typography below has thick lines. This gives the impression of a strong and sturdy foundation. They will be easy to add effects to like putting lower arches on the bottom of the text, making them shine with gradient effects, and pulling them back for 3D effects. Be warned though, many of these fonts do not have lowercase sets of letters.

I’m sure our Design Community will put great use to these powerful fonts. Refer to these links to give your business some visual muscle. If you’re interested in more font ideas, we have lists for unique and script fonts you’re sure to love!


Arkhip Free Font

Vermin Vibes Mert
Vermin Vibes Free Font
Directors Free Font
Oklahoma Free Font
Galveston TX Free Font
Motion Control
Motion Control Free Font
Paragon Free Font
Secrets Stencil
Secrects Stencil Free Font
Chrome Free Font
Rounded Line 7
Rounded Line Free Font

Bolivia No Problem
Bolovia No Problem Free Power Fonts

Air Americana
Air Americana Free Power Fonts
Buran USSR
Buran USSR Free Power Fonts
Prabowo Free Power Fonts
Kamone 8
Kamone 8 Free Power Fonts
Bonzer San Francisco
Bonzer San Francisco Free Power Fonts
Nulshock Free Power Fonts
Aero Free Power Fonts
Bigmacca Free Power Fonts
Space Marine
Space Marine Free Power Fonts
Don’t forget to show some love to the designers of these fonts! If you can make a donation of any amount to them for their work, I know it would be greatly appreciated. They were kind enough to create these fonts and release them for free, let’s show some appreciation back to them. Donation information can be found on the links in their names.

I hope this list has been helpful to you! Which of these power fonts is your favorite? 

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