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My name is Josh, I'm a Freelance Graphic Designer based in Dorset, UK. I've always had a creative mind and have had a strong passion for general design work since an early age. I take the road wherever it takes me!







Client Comments
1 years ago

Fantastic design concept off the bat, and they were exceptional at providing quick iterations based on user input.

1 years ago

Great job - we appreciate your hard work and your very beautiful design!

2 years ago

Elegance24 came up with a desgn that put my mind at ease!

2 years ago

very happy with the quality of work.

2 years ago

Responded quickly to every request. First stage designs were excellent and he modified based upon client input. Process took awhile as he waited for feedback from our side but he was patient and delivered a great product!

2 years ago

Well done, I'm more than sure that our collaboration will not end now !
Great job :-)

2 years ago

Josh did a great job and provided a very elegant design. We did not choose his design in the end but would definitely invite him to other contests in the future.

3 years ago

I would like to invite you to join my logo contest at:


Thank you,

- denizotti(logo client)

3 years ago

I would love for you to submit a design to my contest,
Barndoore logo design. Thanks so much!

3 years ago

Well done Elegance 24 you were our number 99 choice thanks for your concepts depicting our vague instructions were like your name - very elegant. Thanks Carol

KMC Farms

1 years agoElegance24:
Modern Grape Emblem


Supermassive Music

1 years agoElegance24:
Yeah I understand what you mean about those revisions! I'll quickly design you them now and see if you're satisfied.

And it's very much different from the Sky Player logo, it's acceptable.


Fresh Aire Supply

1 years agoElegance24:
Hope you like this one!

Kind Regards,

Letmkno Marketing

Your choice

2 years agoElegance24:
Metallic Red version 2 (stronger colors)

DeluxeLife and Style