Business Branding

What is Your “Why?” Find The Purpose of Your Brand

If you think the purpose of your brand needs no explanation, think again. We tend to concentrate on our company’s needs and see the product or service we are selling as a top priority. So, before you start to look for your company’s purpose, take a moment to define what realistic goals you need to reach to run a successful business, and to guarantee the best user experience for every customer. Your brand’s “why” cannot simply be answered by what you have to offer; it has to focus on your audience and how you can answer their questions and solve their problems. Potential customers or clients are looking for a business that instills trust and has the ability to make a meaningful impact on their lives. If you can’t describe the purpose of your company brand clearly, chances are you are wasting the potential of your best asset. 

Logo Tips

5 Basics of Branding and How a Logo Design Contest Can Help


Branding and logo design

Branding is the idea consumers have about a company. A brand must differentiate from the competition adopting a style that is unique. This style: logo, website, brochures, and online/offline ads is recognizable by consumers. The Design Council suggests,

“any organization can benefit by creating a brand that represents the company as distinctive, trusted, reliable, or whichever attributes are appropriate to that business”