48HoursLogo’s Featured Designer Series #4 – prodesign

by Rick Mullenix | Community Manager

We’ve had the chance to sit down and speak with Damian Majkut, better known as “prodesign.” He’s made quite an impression within the Design Community, consistently staying in the Top Designer Earnings list since his induction in November 2012. To date prodesign has 140 wins and has been selected as a Finalist over 230 times.

Prodesign Family & IconNow 27 years old, Damian grew up in a small Polish village called Zmysłówka. In 2010 he married the lovely Agnieszka, a Beautician, and together they have a 17 month old son named Jakub. His mother tongue is Polish, but Damian is also fluent in English and a little German. He can understand, read, and write in Russian and Ukrainian.

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We Now Accept Bitcoins On All Design Contests

As one of the most popular design contest sites with more than 15,000 completed logo contests, we have a wide and diverse user base. We’re always looking into new ways to make it easier for our clients to access and use 48hourslogo.com. Today, we are pleased to announce that 48hourlogo.com has begun accepting Bitcoin for payment on contests.

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48HoursLogo Featured Designer Series #3 – Arabz

by Rick Mullenix | Community Manager

ArabzAble to pull off a variety of styles with finesse and professionalism, Reza aka “Arabz” is an inspiring artist to work with! He’s been entering contests at 48HoursLogo since 2010, bringing in 197 wins to date. Growing up in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and now twenty-seven years old, Arabz has a life together with his wife Vita and a young daughter. He is fluent in Indonesian, Javanese, and English. Take a look at some of Arabz’s work below and enjoy getting to know this talented designer a little bit more!

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5 Marketing Experts Show you the Importance of a Great Logo

Logo’s are really important for businesses and I thought we’d ask a couple experts in the Internet Marketing world how important they think a logo really is to a business.

This is our compilation of a ton of Experts giving you their thoughts on logos for your business.

Charles Floate of God of SEO

charles floate

I’ve been an SEO for almost 5 years now and logo’s have always been the defining feature of a website. Where do you press to go home? What is it that sticks in peoples mind? What is the thing that you’ll use across the web, offline and everywhere possible? Your logo!

Perception and the look of your logo is really important not only for it to stick in people’s minds but for it to be the brand building factor that’ll push your business into the future!

A perfect example of this is the logos that 48 Hours Logo feature in their post a project section. They show the best and brightest from the 21st century (and before) that stick with people and are immediately recognizeable –

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48hourslogo Featured Designer Series #2 – Catalin

catalin_2Hailing from Romania and one of the pioneer Graphic Artists with 48HoursLogo.com, Catalin‘s visionary designs bring flavor and excitement to each and every contest he enters. At thirty-four years old he is married to his beautiful wife and together they have a restless little princess of four years old. While Catalin clearly speaks a visual language, he’s fluent in English, Romanian, and a little French. He has taken time today to let us get to know him a little more and offers some insight to his creative process.

48: How long have you been with 48HoursLogo.com?
CA: O-ho-ho… Since this site was born! I’m from the old guard, alongside Arabz, Vicafo, Masjacky, Jhox, littlejoemayo, dhe27 and many others. We are the 48hourslogo.com pioneers. But now the competition is much more serious. There is a lot of very good designers, like Jaize, foxcody, ingepro, moomoo, jones12, sgt. trigger, Rick, and so many others. It’s incredible!

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48hourslogo is now on ShareASale

44448hourslogo has grown quickly to become one of the top logo design contest website. We understand that a growing business must share its success with its partners. That’s why we are pleased to announce that we have just re-launched our affiliate program in partnership on ShareASale.

About ShareASale
ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world. Currently more than 3,000 merchants are listed on ShareASale. With an established reputation in the affiliate marketing and easiest implementation, it is clearly the best networks for both merchants and affiliates.

About 48hourslogo
Started in 2009, 48hourslogo has provided affordable logo design service to more than 15000 customers. Our team of logo designers has created almost a million logo designs so far. Quality design services at very affordable prices, that’s how we become the top destination for small and medium business owners looking for new logo designs.

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