48HoursLogo just got better with “participation pays”!!!

participation pay
Contest Participation Pay

Thank you for everyone’s support that 48hourselogo is becoming one of most popular place for online logo designs. Because the creativities associated with logo designs, we believe conducting a design contest is the most effective way of creating a new logo. We are always looking for new ways to make 48hourslogo contests more fun and effective for both logo buyers and designers and our new “participation pay” system is one of them.

How it works:

When starting a contest, client can choose to buy one or several participation pays which he can give to any designers who joined the contest. You can use it to encourage designers who are doing a good job, or simply show your appreciation for designers who worked hard on your logo but didn’t win. Designers will love it, so your project gets extra attentions.

For logo clients:

We will put this() icon next to your contest indicating the participation pays available. For just $5 each, this is actually a very cost effective way of attracting designer attentions to your design project.

For logo designers:

48hourslogo is always looking for new ways to reward our hardworking designers. In additiona to finalist pay and invitation pay, you will now also receive the $5 participation pay. All of this will be reflected in your account page.

We are excited about this new feature, and believe it will just make 48hourslogo even better for everyone who participates in our community.

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