48hourslogo announce major website update!

Posted on August 6, 2012 by admin
48hourslogo improves

48hourslogo announce major website update!

Today, we are pleased to announce the new release of our 48hourslogo website. We have completely redesigned each webpage to make it more appealing and functional for our visitors. Also in addition to custom logo design, we now also offer web design and print design in the same contest format.

Contest for Web and Print Designs
Often after a successful logo design contest, our customers ask if we offer the same contest for web or print designs. We know many of our logo designers can also do other types of designs. But web or print designs do require different designer skill sets. We have discussed among our designer community and also recruited new designers to be prepared for the new design categories. Now we are ready!

48hourslogo now offers 3 design categories:
LOGO DESIGN: Including logo, stationery, and icon/button designs.
Minimum prize for logo design contest is still $89, and also with the option to start the contest with $29 initial listing payment.
WEB DESIGN(mock-up design, no coding): Including webpage, banner ads, and mobile app designs.
Minimum prize starting at $79 for web banner designs. Suggested prize range is shown here. For web design contests, client must prepay the contest prize.
PRINT DESIGN: Including T-shirt/Flyers, Brochure, and packaging designs.
Minimum prize for print design contest is $99 with suggested prize range shown here.  For print design contests, client must prepay the contest prize.

Checkout out our press release at Yahoo News, or PR Web for more details.

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