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  • MindRazor logo design

    1 hours ago(5 Stars)

    An absolute superstar. Incredibly helpful and understanding. I was a painful customer I'm sure as I requested a lot of changes to see what worked for me and they didn't complain once. Did a great and professional job and would use them again in a heartbeat. Honestly, do yourself a favour and use these guys...quality provider

  • California Bass Trail logo design

    7 hours ago(4 Stars)

    Great Design, Ajan exceeded our expectations!

  • Miata's Money logo design

    8 hours ago(5 Stars)

    Such a great job! From the very start of the contest - Ruth was extremely attentive to the ideas we presented in the project description. Once we reached the finalist stage, Ruth was incredibly responsive to our feedback and requests for edits. Clearly a very talented designer and a complete pleasure to work with.

  • ProTec Garage Door logo design

    11 hours ago(5 Stars)

    Zack was awesome! Top notch and very gifted. He was was a level above the other designed offered. Thanks and I wish you the best!

  • Heatpumps on Q logo design

    14 hours ago(5 Stars)

    if I need any other files I will be in touch. thanks

  • Missing Link Wellness logo design

    15 hours ago(5 Stars)

    I loved everything akilis13 put forward- it was difficult to pick a favorite!

  • Single Mothers logo design

    15 hours ago(5 Stars)

    Great logo design. Excellent communication

  • Cool Crafts logo design

    15 hours ago(5 Stars)

    Great logo design. Excellent communication

  • Stout Solutions Group logo design

    20 hours ago(5 Stars)

    Excellent designer! Took the time to read my instructions and examples carefully - and seemed to know exactly what I wanted. Also, EXTREMELY fast with revisions in different colors and designs. Will work with again!

How much does it cost to run a logo design contest?

You set the prize amount! Our minimal logo contest prize is $99. You also have the option to start your contest for just $29, and pay the rest AFTER you have seen the logo design concepts submitted by our designers.

Do I own the logo?

Absolutely, once you select a winning logo design, the legal ownership of this logo transfer to you. Other design concepts not selected remain copyrighted by the respective designers.

What file formats will I receive?

Our final logo package includes JPG, PNG, PDF, and EPS (vector source file). These file formats will be sufficient for both online and offline printing. Any additional formats can be request directly from your winning logo designer.