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  • Wifeability logo design

    3 hours ago(5 Stars)

    I LOVE IT! Thank you so much!

  • Pathlesstraveled logo design

    5 hours ago(5 Stars)

    He was patient through the revision processes and I appreciate it. He seem to understand what I was looking forward and did an excellent job delivering something I will be able to use in a lot of ways because it encompassed several elements. :) I will definitely use this site again and this designer!!! I will also recommend.

  • BDW Photography logo design

    6 hours ago(5 Stars)

    This was my first time using 48 Designs and I'm very happy with my experience. I will definitely recommend 48 Designs to my friends and family. Also working with the designers was a good experience.

  • Erika's Kreations logo design

    6 hours ago(5 Stars)

    Veron was absolutely amazing! Everything was perfect! His hard work is phenominal and I can't wait to use the design! Thank you again!

  • USA CONNECTION logo design

    6 hours ago(5 Stars)

    Very helpful, Fast response, very patient 5 STARS designer !

  • GoPlan logo design

    6 hours ago(5 Stars)

    Great working with you. We would now like to work with you on business cards.

  • Client 78 logo design

    9 hours ago(5 Stars)

    Your work is impeccable. Your patience is to be admired. Thank you for openly and effectively collaborating with me and creating a logo that transcended what I thought I wanted and creating a logo that communicates our business spirit.

  • Brews & Views (City of Littleton, CO) logo design

    10 hours ago(5 Stars)

    Fantastic designer! Punctual and very receptive to changes.

  • Fancy As Fuck logo design

    11 hours ago(5 Stars)

    Great designer! Exceeded my expectations and is willing to help me further along even after the contest won! Could not have asked for a better designer!

  • Vewed logo design

    13 hours ago(5 Stars)

    Thanks again for your designs. We're happy with the process and final results.

How much does it cost to run a logo design contest?

You set the prize amount! Our minimal logo contest prize is $99. You also have the option to start your contest for just $29, and pay the rest AFTER you have seen the logo design concepts submitted by our designers.

Do I own the logo?

Absolutely, once you select a winning logo design, the legal ownership of this logo transfer to you. Other design concepts not selected remain copyrighted by the respective designers.

What file formats will I receive?

Our final logo package includes JPG, PNG, PDF, and EPS (vector source file). These file formats will be sufficient for both online and offline printing. Any additional formats can be request directly from your winning logo designer.